Volunteering at the
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
& School of Theatre Arts

Central to the Civic Theatre's success through the years are the many volunteers who help make it all happen! Just about everywhere you look at the Civic Theatre you will find volunteers: actors, singers and dancers, technicians and carpenters, costume sewers, ushers and coat check attendants, tour guides, and stage crew — they are all volunteers. In fact, the Civic Theatre has a network of over 800 volunteers who donate countless hours of time each year to bring this stage and theatre to life. With nine mainstage productions each season, and hundreds of education classes, we've got room for anyone who wants to be a part of our team!

Please register to become a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre & School of Theatre Arts. We have a place for everyone, no matter what talents, skills or abilities you may (or may not) have. You can become a part of making the theatre experience come to life for 120,000 West Michigan neighbors every year.

Here are some ways you can volunteer at the Civic Theatre:

On Stage

Actors - Anyone who ever wanted to act, from the novice to the most seasoned actor, is welcome to audition for our productions. Watch our website for upcoming audition information to learn more about how to prepare for an audition and what to expect. Some auditions require advance registration.



Set Construction/Painting - Volunteers help build, repair, paint and tear down sets. It is helpful for volunteers in this area to have some construction or painting background. Daytime and night hours are available.

Lighting/Sound - Training will be provided. We need people who are available throughout the enture run of a show. Some jobs can be shared with another person, and some require that you are there ever performance and throughout tech week prior to the show opening. This is a job that requires a strong commitment, and the ability to follow a script.

Props - This position is part of the stage crew. Properties are all of the set dressings and small articles used in a production. Time commitment is the full run of the show plus tech week and some rehearsals.

Costumes - Volunteers are instrumental in sewing costumes as well as putting finishing touches on projects. Time requirements vary with each show, but hours are flexible with your schedule.

Stagehands/Running Crew - Each show requires many people working back stage to make everything on stage happen. From cleaning before a performance, to preparing the set, coordinating special effects, bringing flys in and out, and moving set pieces for each scene change, there's a lot happening back stage. Time commitment is the full run of the show plus tech week. Volunteers can work every night of a production or trade shifts with another volunteer. This requires a highly responsible person.


Audience Services

Ushers - This is a great way to get started volunteering and meet a lot of people. Ushers are friendly and helpful. The are responsible to greet the public, take tickets, help patrons find their seats, and hand out programs. We use 10 ushers for each show. Arrival time is 45 minutes before performance.

Doorpersons - Act as the host/hostess of the theatre by being in the lobby and taking tickets for the downstairs patrons. They answer any questions that come up and arrive to volunteer 45 minutes prior to start of performance.

Coat Check - Arrive 45 minutes prior to performance and are required to stay and work after the performance to pass out coats to patrons. If short staffed in other areas, you may be asked to usher.

Concessions - Work in our new concession booth in the lower lobby selling candy and drinks. Proceeds from the same of these items help to support our theatre.


Other Areas

Business Office - Volunteers are often needed to assist in data entry, filing and general office work. Time and commitment vary, but daytime hours only.

Maintenance - With a building as large as the Civic, you can imagine there are a lot of odd jobs for all different skill levels. We can always use help with general cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of the theatre. Daytime hours are typically required for this type of volunteer.

Hospitality - Volunteers are regularly needed to assist board members with special events, such as cast parties and technical lunches. We always need people on call to help.

Tour Guides - Training is required and then each tour last approximately 1 hour. Must be good with people and have a good memory. Also must be able to climb multiple stairs around theatre.

Bookholders and Assistant Directors - This is a great opportunity to work closely with the Director of a show. You must be available to come to all rehearsals. Bookholders watch the script and blocking and take notes for the Director. Assistant Directors works with the Director and must to have previous acting or directing experience.

For more information about volunteering at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, please contact us.



















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